OCKO makeup (EN)

How can you do a TV make-up? Let me tell you how new TV show-design including jingles for a music TV were prepared. When Czech music TV OCKO wanted to „update“ their look somehow they decided to choose us – Spoon – as their designers due to their satisfaction with our previous cooperation on the on-air design.

We were trying to find a new approach on making jingles (13 new jingles were the goal for the TV station). We felt like there is an opportunity to do something new – not in terms of the jingles necessarily – but project wise. We decided that we want to let the viewers do their own jingles. We felt that the medium per se – TV, which itself is an enclosed medium and not very accessible, as far as creation, for an average person – can be more open for the mentioned people. Wow, now how do you do that?

It was fairly simple, we had a list of 13 broadcasts that needed new jingles and a very small set of rules that applied. These rules were as follows:

  • Meet basic ethical code
  • Meet the law

Oher than that do whatever you want. Which jingle you choose is on “first come, first serve basis”. No judging, no nothing. Plain and simple. Well actually there was an important rule, the people that came, had to have an idea or concept. I mean, if you came and said “I want to make a red dot rolling on a red background…” Ok, why not, but what is the concept? You cannot do it “just because”, that is not a concept. To make it short, a lot of people enrolled, but only first 13 made it. Interestingly half of the creators did not have any previous experience with video making and TV, except for watching it of course. Well that was the part where Spoon stepped in besides making up and running the whole project. We helped the creators and tutored them to enable all 13 artists to deliver a technically functional result. That said, the final jingle was not altered by anyone else, but the artists themselves.

The outcome is an incredible experimental cocktail of graphics, art and experiments. Perhaps it is worth mentioning that some of the jingles and the project was featured at onedotzero 2005. We managed to democratize TV broadcast with this project and a special thanks goes to the TV which was bold enough to work with us regardless the risks of the outcome.

Project Makeup was created and executed by Spoon between January and April 2005. Unreal became reality, “ordinary” person got the chance to see his/her own work in TV.