Good news is no news… (EN)

When I was a kid my parents’ friend came over for dinner. The guy’s name was Felix if I recall correctly and he was a journalist. Now Felix used to have this saying „good news is no news“, which tells me that at any given times the journalists were always looking for an interesting angle to write about.

The shift is in the area of social bubbles. Not only is it harder to target individuals in their bubbles, but also the media tend to get “bubblified”. Nationally or internationally as well. A great example is the recent acquisition of CZG which bought Colt and announced the deal early February.

Czech Google search prompted Colt acquisition of CZG as major news.

All major Czech media picked this piece of news. US major media did not pick this story up. (Which IS understandable since from the US point of view a Wild West legend goes to the hands of some Borat-country-god-knows-where.) And social media (especially YouTube channels) picked up on the news and generated a huge buzz amongst the gun related channels.

So I guess, looking at it from the US main media point of view, since they made it no news than it is good news… I guess.