Political correctness died with Covid (EN)

About a year ago at this time, the discussions over Covid-19’s name were on. So all the smart people dug into naming guidelines. We definitely had to prevent having a name like “Chinese flu” or “Wuhan flu”. Naturally, it is the 21st century and we have to be politically correct, also China is a super-power so we should not mess with that. Remember the Spanish flu which had nothing to do with Spain – say more than with Monte Carlo? Or the Swine flu which was offensive to the Middle East? Well… phew… we made, we are civilized, so we managed to come up with an awesome name right out of the unwritten part of Star Trek: COVID-19

So can someone explain to me, from this point of view, what is politically correct on the British variant? …just saying.

Photo by Sid Ali from Pexels