Few thoughts on planning even if the plan always fails… (EN)

Looking into details of 2021 I got a great reminder in my mailbox. My buddy sent me some photos from an exercise I had the honor to join (when it was possible in times of pandemic). It was an extensive training on how to clear rooms in a building (the pros call it CQB – close quarters battle), needless to say it was led by professionals. It reminded me of several things that help me in my day to day work-life. And the first one is the importance of planning.

One of THE most important things is briefing and planning. You spend a hefty amount of time on plowing through accessible information to create a “war-plan”, which includes unified language/signals to be able to execute the plan.

What this exercise shows very clearly is that you have to have a plan. Also that the plan is gone the very first moment you enter the building – you have to keep adapting to the chaos that pushes against you and your plan.

Photo by Jerry Shack

In such an environment it is obvious and it makes sense. For me the morale is that in my behind-the-desk-life it is similar. The experience from a more extreme environment (during the exercise) is helping me navigate in lot more subtle waters of the importance of business planning. It helps to realize this as well as drill down the plan and/or problem you need to deal with.

The other important take-away is the importance of a team. There is no way you can do this alone, only a team is able to successfully complete such a task.

As far as team goes the chances are that at a certain point in time and scenario, each of the members will have to take on a role of the leader – the person who coordinates the rest of the team to succeed in a partial task (breach a single room in this case). So leader – not – leader, you have to step-up whatever the odds at the moment.