Can a little booga-booga help with Ads? (EN)

Ok, so firstly let me explain what I mean by „booga-booga“. That is a term I widely and loosely use for anything that seems really a little esoteric. Maybe not a little, but way too much – sometimes bordering on fringe or conspiracy stuff. So that’s why I say loosely. The scale is really from petite to straight on nuts and it depends on context. Some years ago I wrote an intro article for on this issue, when I wasn’t running this blog. It is definitely time to revisit the issue.

Google “tarot cards” and you will get a bazillion booga-booga-fortune telling-fringe-oracle stuff. But if you dig into it, you will not find much regarding advertising and marketing.  Tarot cards have a long history of mysticism and prophecies, but they can be your little weapon in navigating and especially creating ads and concepts.

First of all, what are tarots? For the marketing sake we’re fine with the basic card deck of 22 and we will look at them in a simpler way – so if some tarot experts ever stumble upon this, excuse the simplicity.

You may look at them as a depiction of a life (in terms of a typical lifecycle). The 22 cards create an archetypal story with all its possible twists and turns. From the very birth represented by the card numbered 0 (depicting a fool and rich on symbols showing that anything is possible) all the way to the last card of absolute enlightenment and infinite wisdom, therefore…

  1. …It helps create a narrative, build a story.
  2. Helps categorize typical segments based on events…

…because this lifecycle covers both good and bad things in life and holistically is dual. The narrative incorporates various life crossroads one can encounter, much like an ideal story. All this is built into cards through rich symbolism and color symbolism built over centuries, so for our culture and our context it is universally understandable. The cards are a tool that may inspire on how to solve situations or simply get new ideas to think about. There isn’t a good or bad card, there are cards and all of them are dual in their essence – that gives you the power to interpret and create context while maintaining structure.

Marketing and advertising is absolutely the same, your campaign, your brand copies a certain lifecycle and we need to understand it. We need to get inspired and see the symbols connecting back to our target groups.

Why not use tarot cards if they have proven symbolic value with a proven narrative that is so much needed in order to connect with consumers. Don’t just give them “1 + 1 free”, but establish a connection with your ad, campaign or brand, that is emotional.

Well maybe if you’re in an inspirational blind spot right now, this might help you.

Photo by Andrei Bocan on Unsplash