Why reboot this blog? Ssssso old-school pops! (EN)

This plan was cooking in my head for a while. I started working on it physically on Valentine ’s Day, in lockdown. I am saying this more to have a memory of this, since a lot of my old – original vikpro.com posts – were hard to reconstruct and follow. It has been few years after all. February 18, my first new post (kind of proud, that it took me four days, to get there, still able to execute… good on me). Of course in the meantime I started learning WordPress, created Instagram, started Clubhouse, figured out what to do with my Facebook page and last but not least, started paying attention to my LinkedIn profile.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

You might ask why all this commotion. It has two main reasons. First of all, I realized that focusing on being a dad, husband and making ends meet is a great thing full of inspiration, but I need to dedicate some time to studying and learning new things. This is a way to motivate me to focus on observing and broadening my views. Secondly, for the past years in marketing and moving up the ladder further out from the hands-on approach – looking at all the social media through the spreadsheet paradigm, I decided I want to see for myself. Plus of course, the people who know me, know… that I tend to make fun of things… social media not excluding. So the same way I ventured out into university and later on into a large corporation, I decided to set foot on my little social media, blogging experiment and see where it takes me. And if you want to help on the way, you are more than welcome.

PS: I owe you the explanation, why blogging is so old-school. Heard a discussion of bunch of smart people on Clubhouse. They were really smart and had a lot of interesting insights and at a certain point they commented on blogs and I guess you can imagine the rest…

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