The crisis is just starting. (EN)

Most of us, marketers and agencies not excluded, are suffering from Covid fatigue. The vaccinations have given us hope and now we’re starting to act like it’ll all be roses and honey by summer. We forget that most of us were acting the same way last year and when the summer didn’t turn out like we’d hoped, then we put our hopes on January. … and it is April and we are still at the same “vantage point” looking for the vaccine to end this.

The fact is, Debt to GDP continues to rapidly grow around the world. Globalization is slowing, target group compartmentalization is growing as well as display-time of audiences. Logistics and e-commerce are blooming and at the same time customer experience is taking a hike, because getting the stuff is king, no questions asked. Meanwhile governments around the world are having a free-for-all event thanks to declared emergency conditions, or just due to the fear and chaos.

What we are experiencing right now is the beginning of a very deep societal shift, which will be happening over the upcoming 2-3 years (but maybe more I tend to underestimate the time). Right now, what I see is Governments (at least in the Western world) focusing on vaccination to happen as soon as possible. That is good, don’t take me wrong, but if we are having such trouble delivering the vaccines efficiently to the people, how do we want to deal with re-vaccinations next year? What if, by the time we manage to vaccinate the last citizen, we will need to start all over again?

Photo by Robert Metz on Unsplash

We are hanging onto our previous lives and waiting for them to come back, that is what we hope for and are asking for from our politicians. And they are good listeners, so they are trying to give us, what we want. But all I see is just tactics and no strategy so far. Maybe the systems will prove that they are not as strained and stretched as it seems to me after the year of pandemic and our reactions. Maybe we will go back to the era of riding pink Vespa’s, wearing tight jeans and being hipsters because we can, because making money is easy and everybody is somehow entitled to a never-ending Nirvana of consumption… or at least to their version of consumption (If I overspend and overconsume on tofu-milk it makes me a better person than doing the same on regular milk… right?).  

Well what if it will not return to what we take as normal. Or what if the growth will be just temporary. I guess we will have to wait and see.