Clubhouse in your House! (EN)

Clubhouse skyrocketed in 2020 when Elon Musk joined and spoke there. Of course the Covid-19 situation and all the lockdowns helped massively. I heard various numbers about Clubhouse, which I cannot confirm or deny. Supposedly 10+ mil. users to this day and only handfull of people are working on it. Both numbers I would be doubtful of but that is besides the point.

Clubhouse managed to bring a new perspective into a combination of podcasting and interaction. So much so that all Twitters, Facebooks and LinkedIns started working on their own take on voice services. Clubhouse is new, exclusive (only iPhones) … by the way remember when Instagram was only for iPhones? And everybody was freaking out when it was ported to Android? … and still kind of quirky. They are working on it hard and it has this nice aura of something new, you definitely want to be a part of.

Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

Now I joined early 2021, since US was (and is) still the top market, it took some time to trickle down to places like Europe. I moderated so far around 12 rooms and am trying to constantly do so. But got a tell you, it is not easy. I have my rooms around the advertising theme and running them wednesday evening. For local audience, so they are not in english and it definitely is a challenge to get the listeners in. I tried one in english under a specific club with 100+ members at the time, just to see the difference. It went well, but had only one listener. A great listener and we discussed a lot of things regarding the topic, but one. So no, club didn’t work either.

Sometimes it is dissapointing, preparing for the topic and than having just a handful of listeners or people willing to speak, BUT for me it is always rewarding and having the spontaineous reactions, not recorded, people just expressing their thoughts… definitely worth trying. And as a added bonus, you have to work on your speaking and moderating. If you want to share or discuss this, feel free to DM me at Insta.

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