Change is good (EN)

The hard part is to figure out when it came. Usually the real change creeps in slow. We see stuff from the history, often not being able to understand how stupid the people were to embrace Nazis, Communism or fill in… whatever floats your boat. 

In hindsight it is obvious and all the signs were there… “how could the people miss it” or “were they just so dumb” we tend to ask ourselves. Neither, it is easy to assess once you are able to decode the correct path. Imagine you would get lost and you have a GPS tracker on, you look at the map afterwards and you understand where you took the wrong turn.

But a) being in the moment in history when it is happening, it is hard to evaluate the true heading,  b) the events unfolding are usually on  few pages of our history books – in real time it is slower, subtle and creepier… I guess somewhat hard to believe.

Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash

Now imagine a year and a half ago the world economy was doing great. A big portion of the so-called Western World was where to go on holiday, how is my Instagram doing, what can I buy or which café should I visit. If I told you that because of a virus reported in China, we will feel completely accustomed to wearing mask, being tested, getting vaccinated and having virtual beers over zoom? Unless you are a TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) kind of person, you would laugh at me. And probably rightly so. But it is different now, isn’t? And a lot more understandable and obvious because we have pretty good guess how it happened and how it could have been prevented. In 50 years looking back – we will be the naïve and stupid ones for the generations of our grandchildren.

First I realized this when my little kids had trouble understanding why someone would use a mouse with their computer? Why they can’t raise the volume by coming over to the TV screen and sliding their little hand upwards? Why do people say “dial” a number if all you have to do is look up the contact? Etc. etc. etc. Naturally, for the kids it made sense using a trackpad on a notebook, a touchscreen of a tablet and so on. For them the user-unfriendly systems of yesterday are unfriendly and obsolete. For our generation an older alternative. I think you get the point, it is hard to see where the line breaks and a real technological shift happens – the kind that is hard to comprehend for a specific generation that it decides it does not want to understand it anymore. In late 20th century until now, we had an unprecedented technological growth. Often cited that it is happening faster than we (as people) can adjust. I believe that the real technological jump has not happened… yet. There are bits and pieces coming together with deeplearning a.i., quantum supremacy, space exploration and nanotech to name the few (maybe to be written about in some next entries)… so what do you think has the change already crept in or still in process of creeping?