Rest the brain! (EN)

People are weird. They come in so many flavors and tastes that not even Floyd* would make it flat.

I always wished I could be one of those robot-like people, sleeping four hours a day and just keep working and not sweat it. Well I am quite the opposite. I need my sleep or I get grumpy and in general I tend to be a laid-back philosopher who likes to enjoy looking into various things, discussing the wirld and enjoying a good glass of whiskey. Maybe that is why I tend to push my comfort zone at least a little by doing stuff I don’t like. So I don’t end up like those people in Wall-e movie. You get it. Well either or, my brain needs to rest.

Sometimes I tend to be over-responsible and stress out. I found out that climbing and shooting and tactical training does me good. All includes uncomfort plus possibly (for me definitely) life threatening situations – that means your brain cannot wonder around, but you need to focus on what is at hand and not in the office. But that said, my ideal holiday is not a trip to Pakistan to climb the Gasherbrums or so…

Photo by vikpro – shot on iPhone

…active holiday is nice, but from time to time I need to just slack off completely and chill at the beach. Really get a physical rest in terms of swimming, sunbathing, reading, eating and drinking. No need to pamper, just relax. It does allow me a different perspective and chilling out a bit, just poking in the sand with a stuck the ocean allowed to float to the beach for me to play with. Stupid? Maybe, but from time to time a good cool-down for my brain.