I’m a resolutionist. (EN)

„Now, the end is near…“ are the lyrics from a song named My Way. I am most familiar with the Frank Sinatra version. But that is beside the point, the song definitely meant a different end, nevertheless the end of the 2021 year is near and that means what? New Year’s resolution of course!

Twenty one was a crazy year and no wonder, looking at it through the tarot prism, it was the year of the Fool. For a lot of people it may explain many things, if you are not superstitious, it makes for a great story – try it, when someone complains just tell them: “Well no wonder, it was the year of the Fool, did you know that?” you will be surprised how many people will thoughtfully nod (I mean they don’t want to look like fools right).

As every year comes to an end we tend to balance what happened and where we want to go. In the Western culture a New Year’s resolution is kind of a ritual of throwing away the old and aiming to be a better person. It works in marketing as well, no chocolate ads in January, but plenty of diet supplements and quit-smoking helpers. Maybe advertising is part of the reason, why so many people around me reject to have NY’s resolutions. This rebellion against society telling me on January 1 to lose weight, or quit smoking. “I can decide anytime I want and I don’t need a resolution.” Says the pragmatic voice of reason and opposition to trends and all things marketing.

I confess, I had struggled with this attitude for a long time as well. But that changed and I started loving NY’s resolution. It is a perpetual ritual when I look back at the previous year, check what I wanted to do, what I have done and where I want to go. The time is aligned with my regular calendar, no need to check anything because I follow a regular cycle that ends with the year. It is also aligned with a time, which is typical for reflection, self-reflection and enjoyment. Why not use, what is already there?

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Sure, to a certain degree it is not safe. You make a resolution and people who notice that something changed in your life, start trolling you (yeah I think that is the proper term). If you should fail, better not tell anyone and do it say… on June 23 – no one will expect a resolution at that time. Well the idea behind resolutions is more abstract and philosophical, it deals with your attitude change, thought shift, internal search or quest. The external things, such as quitting smoking (to use the advertising parallel) is a manifestation, or losing weight, or getting into collage… or what have you. Most of the time it does not happen overnight, or in January.

So don’t get discouraged by trolls or advertising or anything else. Feel free to use resolutions as kind of an “you time”, use it – it is there just waiting for you… every year at the same time. Cheers.