Year has gone by. What’s next? (EN)

Part 1 – the Blog

It seems the world is slowly crawling from under the depressing – third year lasting – pandemic of a disease we learnt to call Covid. Last year – at this time – it was just another lockdown and no end was near. in Myanmar a coup d’état was underway, civil war in Syria was still raging as well as the conflict in Mali, Manchester United defeated Southampton 9-0 in soccer and the never ending war in Afghanistan was still coping with roadside bombings and mayhem. Meanwhile it was a happy Valentine’s Day in other parts of world, despite the lockdowns and grim news. It was February 14 and in our tiny country of Czech Republic I decided to set on my road of gaining online knowledge.

Years after piloting my own blogs as well as company blogs and social media, I found myself in the position of trying it out again. On April’s Fool I posted (and it was not an April’s Fools post) Why I am rebooting this blog. Well a year has passed and it is time to do a little balancing. Maybe the “experiment” may have some interesting learnings for you – the readers – as well. Let’s dig in.

Photo by Jackie Hope on Unsplash

I launched the blog at on a WordPress platform. The idea was to post regularly, ideally every week, alas that did not work out. So I at least stuck to an advice I got from Seth Godin when starting my first blog (YES, actually 20 years ago Seth Godin had time to reply to a question of an average joe from abroad)… to paraphrase, it was along these lines: Just keep it up and don’t give up, keep posting even if it is not going to be on a regular basis.

Well tried to do that which ended up with 30+ posts (including the TOP 7 originals). Part of the work on the blog was also working on the graphics, abouts, etc. My estimate all together on the domain work, wordpress set-up, template work, etc. would be around a week (5 MD – man-days). Each post altogether takes some time, if I would be down to earth, I would guess on average 2 hours per English post (not taking into account the “brain-work”) and 3 hours per Czech post. Some are real quickies of-course, but some take more research. As far as pics, I tend not to overspend time on photos. In most cases I use with posted credits.

So all together it would be somewhat 100 hours of work a year (approx. 12.5 MD).  Worth it? Pretty hard to say right now, but I decided to continue until end of 2022. I will leave the final comment after writing about my experience with the other parts (besides the blog). Approx. cost of the blog:

  • maintenance and setup, graphics            … 40 hrs. …  ($ 500 / year)
  • writing, editing and pics                            … 60 hrs. … ($ 750 / year)
  • domain name                                              …                $   15 / year
  • WordPress hosting                                       …               $   50 / year

The USD prices are recalculated, so it is give or take. Also Google prompts that in US the average price for a Social Media Manager is around $ 12.50, so I calculated the hours with this price. The total means $ 65 and 100+ hours of your free time. Stay tuned for some more articles, where I want to break down some more info regarding Clubhouse, Instagram, Facebook etc.