About Vik and vikpro.com

I’m a husband, father and a marketer in Prague (CZ). Drawn to stories and life adventures of people, exploring humanity and humanness. Looking for inspiration constantly.

Over the years I worked in a coffee warehouse, cleaning appliances for a second-hand appliance store, tons of translating work, bartending, selling, done some graphic work and at the end landed in an advertising company as a project manager and part of my tasks was also blogging which evolved into the original vikpro.com in 2006. (you can check the TOP7 posts that survived the original blog)

Venturing into outdoor retail once again and having a lot of hands-on approach, I decided to see it from the “evil” corporate perspective. Just for couple of years, to get the understanding…

…twelve years by and I am hoping to return some value through my perspective in this blog. Trying to make sense of today, to understand tomorrow. You are here, good. Enjoy.