The crisis is just starting. (EN)

Most of us, marketers and agencies not excluded, are suffering from Covid fatigue. The vaccinations have given us hope and now we’re starting to act like it’ll all be roses and honey by summer. We forget that most of us were acting the same way last year and when the summer didn’t turn out like […]

Why reboot this blog? Ssssso old-school pops! (EN)

This plan was cooking in my head for a while. I started working on it physically on Valentine ’s Day, in lockdown. I am saying this more to have a memory of this, since a lot of my old – original posts – were hard to reconstruct and follow. It has been few years […]

Why TV is not dead … (EN)

Ever since I came into marketing and advertising, TV was “dead”. Probably because we always tend to expect a faster outcome and onset of events that we predict will happen. I remember back in the late nineties the internet was still niche and checking out tech-specs of dial-up modems was the new geek hype. Well […]

Can a little booga-booga help with Ads? (EN)

Ok, so firstly let me explain what I mean by „booga-booga“. That is a term I widely and loosely use for anything that seems really a little esoteric. Maybe not a little, but way too much – sometimes bordering on fringe or conspiracy stuff. So that’s why I say loosely. The scale is really from […]

Few thoughts on planning even if the plan always fails… (EN)

Looking into details of 2021 I got a great reminder in my mailbox. My buddy sent me some photos from an exercise I had the honor to join (when it was possible in times of pandemic). It was an extensive training on how to clear rooms in a building (the pros call it CQB – […]

V případě nedorozumění je chyba vždy na straně vysílače (CZ)

Komunikace je ošemetná věc. Všichni ji do jisté míry ovládáme, tudíž se cítíme kompetentní se k ní vyjadřovat na všech úrovních odbornosti. Zatímco výměnu plynového potrubí si bez patřičné praxe dovolí málokdo, komunikaci rozumí každý. Bohužel, existují situace, kdy je více než žádoucí, aby se komunikace chopil skutečný profesionál. Je tomu rok, co do našich […]

Political correctness died with Covid (EN)

About a year ago at this time, the discussions over Covid-19’s name were on. So all the smart people dug into naming guidelines. We definitely had to prevent having a name like “Chinese flu” or “Wuhan flu”. Naturally, it is the 21st century and we have to be politically correct, also China is a super-power […]

Good news is no news… (EN)

When I was a kid my parents’ friend came over for dinner. The guy’s name was Felix if I recall correctly and he was a journalist. Now Felix used to have this saying „good news is no news“, which tells me that at any given times the journalists were always looking for an interesting angle […]

Dobrý brand nezapomenete (CZ)

S využitím široké škály ověřených nástrojů dokážeme pomoci brandu v jeho rozvoji a upevnění pozice na trhu a v jeho důsledku se podílet na navyšování zisku společnosti. Variace na toto tvrzení slýchávám a čtu stále dokola. Není to nic víc než obyčejná technokratická floskule snažící se o mytizaci reklamně-agenturního řemesla. Napadá mne analogie s akademickou ekonomií, která do padesátých […]

With Rajesh Setty on Life Beyond Code (EN)

How will “Beyond Code” help us? I wrote “Beyond Code” based on my observations of the marketplace over 15 years living and working in three different continents. Here is some background: What I observed clearly was the temptation for knowledge workers to go after learning the skills that are currently “hot” (in-demand) in the marketplace. […]


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