God did not want people to run. (EN)

A thought I heard about 20 years ago from a Chinese kung-fu si-fu (teacher) who came to visit my friend. He was a first “master” or coach in general who said this. He was convinced that human beings were made to walk and that is the most natural and healthy movement. He joked that only […]

The age of China’s children (EN)

Recently I came across the news that China newly allows families to have three children. Quite a leap. Not long ago – I believe in 2015 – having two kids was allowed after 36 years of “one child only” policy introduced in 1979. The reasons for not allowing more than one child per family were […]

Beauty of a Meme (EN)

I am not sure, but I think that memes boomed bigtime with the reinvention of GIFs and GIF services as such. Of course with the internet and static memes and their spreading through social media it was on the rise, but the GIF really punched it through. But what does a meme really mean? Actually […]

Change is good (EN)

The hard part is to figure out when it came. Usually the real change creeps in slow. We see stuff from the history, often not being able to understand how stupid the people were to embrace Nazis, Communism or fill in… whatever floats your boat.  In hindsight it is obvious and all the signs were […]

Smoking is dirty and experience ambiguous (EN)

This May marks a year since I completely quit smoking. I am not writing this to brag; partly I am writing this because I am happy and proud but mostly to share a view on giving advice and sharing experience. The fun part about experience is that it makes a story. We love stories and […]

Myslím (s Googlem), tedy jsem (CZ)

Google je mocná databáze vyhledávání informací a s tím jde ruku v ruce i schopnost získávat neuvěřitelné množství dat o tom, co, jak a kdy vyhledáváme. V kombinaci s daty, které o nás ví z jiných zdrojů (jsme přihlášeni pod svým účtem, cookies atd.), má Google možnost unikátního vhledu do našeho soukromí i zvyků. Díky tomu nám může poskytovat […]

Clubhouse in your House! (EN)

Clubhouse skyrocketed in 2020 when Elon Musk joined and spoke there. Of course the Covid-19 situation and all the lockdowns helped massively. I heard various numbers about Clubhouse, which I cannot confirm or deny. Supposedly 10+ mil. users to this day and only handfull of people are working on it. Both numbers I would be […]

We should preserve encyclopedias. (EN)

Ok, the headline might be cheesy. But stay with me, so I can make my argument. One of the reasons I ended up with thinking about encyclopedias is the growing divide within societies. Not only in US, which was obvious and extremely naked during the past presidential elections, but in other parts of the world […]

I like depressed people. (EN)

We have a very specific dubious relationship with depression. For baby-boomers it was a big no-no. It was also an era of hard-core behaviorism – the mentality that any problem you have, will be remedied by cold shower or a military academy. Generation X started to be more open, especially the end of generation X […]

The crisis is just starting. (EN)

Most of us, marketers and agencies not excluded, are suffering from Covid fatigue. The vaccinations have given us hope and now we’re starting to act like it’ll all be roses and honey by summer. We forget that most of us were acting the same way last year and when the summer didn’t turn out like […]


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